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The story

In May 2020, the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic stopped all student career fairs. The idea for jobstage was born. In July 2020, the first two virtual career events for students and companies took place. However, it became clear that our initial event format of a typical career fair in a virtual space only worked to a limited extent. As a result, the concept was revised to be more relevant and useful for students. In addition, companies should be able to get to know the talents in a more informative way.

With our new concept, developed together with experts, jobstage offers high quality virtual challenges for students and companies. Our goal is to provide easy and efficient access to talent to open a new virtual recruiting dimension for in the global talent market.

The "WHY"

Despite new channels like TikTok, Instagram and the like, the core process of how companies and students get to know each other hasn't changed in decades.

Jobstage completely rethinks talent recruitment: We turn the static recruiting process on its head to match talent based on proven skills and experience.

The "HOW"

We break the mold! Instead of dry resumes and a few long internships, students and companies get to know each other directly by working together on diverse, real and highly relevant cases, fully remote, with a new culture, meeting each other at eye level.

Our goal

We create a new, long-term relationship between students and companies, based on real skills and authentic exchanges, open to all students, regardless of semester or background.

The Jobstage Team

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